Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Time for more money making ...

Well thankfully thats my exam over and done with - wasn't too bad. So fingers crossed for that one! **Pretending that I do not have an essay due on 3rd February and another possible exam on the same date**

Since I have a few days off without revision I am going to focus more on making some more shiny pennies!

I 'found' £18 in a current account that I know longer use - bonus (and this account is now my 'virtual pot' so that I do not need to put it into my savings just yet!

Tomorrow I am going to gut the house and sell anything that I do not need and/or use!

Got to the second stage for an 'at home transcriber/virtual assistant' so i'll send back the info
tomorrow - fingers crossed again

As my maternity leave ends on the 15th February I have applied for a few part time bar jobs.

I'll update my totals at the end of each month I think, hopefully I will be pleasently surprised at the total.

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