Saturday, 16 January 2010

Every little counts...

Wow, I have always liked saving (or I prefer spending other peoples money rather than my own lol - brilliant when my fiancé and I did not have a house, a baby or other committments!!) and I always feel guilty spending money on "non essentials". Now, thanks to this challenge I see it as more of a game, hopefully with a brilliant ending.

Now with birthdays etc I am very savvy. I use vouchers gained from survey sites and DooYoo and for some reason I always feel more proud giving these presents as I feel that I have done that little extra to get them. It also means that I am 'money neutral' so to speak. I must admit that I am a little sneaky with this though - I use the vouchers to purchase presents then the amount I would of spent in 'real money' gets transfered into my savings account. Shhh do not tell my other half - it the only way we would ever save any money!

Anyway, while shopping for those little 'mindings' for my fiancés birthday (tomorrow eek!!) I actually saved money. My original thought was to make him an 'Xbox gaming hamper' yet somehow I do not like just giving him a hamper. For the last few years he never received many presents so I like him to have something to open. So it has become a gaming goody bag! I had already gotten him a game (in the sales of course), a wireless headset (vouchers) and now after taking advice from the craft thread on MSE I was adding energy drinks and 'sucky' sweets. I managed to pick up Red Bull for 79p a can (RRP £1.15) and Fox's fruit glaciér sweets for 69p (RRP 99p. So an overall saving of £1.02. Yipee - but every little does help! I'll be transferring that £1.02 into my savings - stops me spending it on useless things!

So anyway, ramblings over!

Course of action this weekend;

Get everything ready for free listing on eBay tomorrow.
Get my backside into gear and get some more reveiws written on DooYoo
Try and get my head around matched betting (thanks to BetMunch)

I may be a lottery ticket, don't know how lucky I feel.

Well I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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